Whatever finesse, mess or dapper craft you’ve got plastered across your handsome cheeks, Milkman Grooming Co. believes in keeping you fresh between the ears. That means we make products of incompatible quality that cater to all facial care needs.

Oils to feed your luscious, thirsty 50’s goatee. Alcohol-free after shave serum to keep your sensitive skin, flawless and all eyes on your resonant, thick, sexy 60’s ‘stache.

Shampoo and conditioner to keep your mum happy and your itch eternally abolished, as your 70’s hippie beard reaches its 4th innings. 

Our soap free shave gel to keep your 90’s metrosexual shave routine as lubricated and smooth, as your cheeks are bare. 

As for manufacturing, all wet products are made by beard loving, real scientists here in Australia. Milk Man use eco-friendly, locally sourced ingredients and tonnes of botanicals, to make your daily routine as pleasurable, as you are handsome.