Collection: UPPERCUT

Uppercut Deluxe Steve Purcell, Co-founder spent his childhood visiting his local barbershop with his grandfather. That tradition led him to later undertake an apprenticeship and open his own barbershop, Bare Bones, with best friend Luke Newman in 2008. They quickly found that there was a limited range of hair products that satisfied them and their clients, so they set about making their own. With experience working for a major skincare company, Steve’s partner, Kiera jumped on board, sourcing a chemist to work with the team to manufacture a small quantity of their debut product, Deluxe Pomade, after rounds of rigorous testing.

Uppercut Deluxe now offer a wide range of styling products for all hair types, as well as dedicated shaving, beard and body options. Their products are never designed in response to, or to keep up with, current trends in the industry. Instead, they arise from the genuine necessity and desires of their barbershop clients.