The Beard Club barbers are not only about beards. Our team love to apply there experience and knowledge to all parts of grooming. After many years of experience in our team, follow the simple steps below and see the results. 

The How To Hair Product 

First, find your correct product. Creams and light pastes are good for finer hair while pomades and waxes are good for thicker, unruly hair.
Here are a few of our favorites from lightest hold to strongest. 

A dime-sized dollop is great for short hair, nickel-sized for hair under three inches, and up to a quarter for hair longer than three inches or if you want an extra tight hold. Work the product completely into your hands until there are no clumps. 

Apply your product from back to front, rubbing it in vigorously the whole way through. “Don’t start in the front or the product might collect in the most visible part of your hair, which will look uneven and can even make your hair look thinner than it really is. Also making sure to apply product at the root of the hair, not just the tip, to better control how it lays.

Once you’ve worked it into your locks, style your hair until you look suave as hell. You can also lock in your look by using a blow dryer on low to medium heat, holding it about six inches from your hair. It’s a simple technique that’ll ensure even application and easy styling. Try it once and you’ll never go back. 

Check out our range and choose the correct product based on your hair. 


Beard Club Barbers