Marvis Spearmint Mouth Wash 120ml

Marvis Spearmint Mouth Wash 120ml

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Marvis Concentrated Mouthwash in Spearmint cleanses and freshens the entire mouth, complete with a spearmint flavour. The concentrated formula makes 480ml of mouthwash.

Marvis mouthwash cleanses and invigorates the entire mouth. The intense spearmint flavour leaves a cool, tingling sensation and will leave your breath smelling fresh.

To use, mix 1 part of mouthwash in 3 parts of water. After brushing, rinse the mouth for 30 seconds using the prepared mixture. Do not swallow.

  • Strong spearmint flavour
  • Cleanses and freshens the entire mouth
  • Included fluoride protects enamel
  • Leaves a cool, tingling sensation
  • Concentrate formula makes 480ml of mouthwash
  • Made in Italy